Cried silently as I laid my eyes upon this beautiful creation. ♡

I want to take him home. ♡



Shingeki no Kyojin characters if they were cats :3

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Levi’s seiyuu actually owns a Russian Blue named Nyanko-sensei.

My edo-period Makoto cosplay at Sakura Matsuri in Washington D.C.!

Was very surprised (and extremely happy) that a lot of people recognized my character as Makoto. Was also very happy to have been able to take many photos at the festival and the cherry blossom fields.

Hope to see many of you again soon! ♡


More Pet AU <3 Marinka version ~ Part 2 (Part 1 here) ~ Makoto has two high-maintenance kitties but he knows how to handle them ^^

Cute cats ref : x, x, x

Been really angry recently. So what do I do?

Play DRAMAtical Murder.


Free! :: Edo Period AU

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sometimes i wish my nemesis will just go away.

Ever feel like you have no idea what to do anymore? Ever feel like you wanna tear down walls and trash all hope aside because you’ve hit the greatest roadblock in life? Ever feel like there is no more point anymore in having to waste your breathe, uttering unheard cries for help; for some sort of guidance, for any form of solace whether it come in the form of another human being or a lonely spirit? Ever feel like the ones who always say “there’s a meaning in life, but you just have to find it” is just throwing you some curveball to latch onto in order to not stray from the norm of what is called Society? Ever feel like screaming the great scream so that the entire universe and beyond could hear your voice of lost reason, shattered childhood dreams, clouded innocence, jaded naivety, tainted hope… and whatever other forms of possible positivity just gone wrong? Ever feel like… maybe all the hardship that you go through is just some fucked up way of the world playing with your mind, your body, your soul, and your heart… to test you and your ability to get past all the shit that goes on in life, and survive it all with twisted triumph and sick pleasure at besting all the negativity thrown at you?

Ever feel like… oh, I don’t even know. I was already stuck at the first question.

Because I don’t even know what I’m supposed to feel anymore.

》(Mini) Jaeger → (Mature) Jaeger《

Because. My little cousin is way too adorable to pass up the chance of putting her in cosplay with me. This is a project that will be done at some point! *3*b


"Packs charged, blades ready….Line up and prepare to engage the titans!"

I’m not saying I’m ready for the season finale…

…but really, I’m not ready everybody’s been quiet about it and it’s gonna be mindblowing isn’t it?!