We’ve been asked a few times about how we mounted our 3D Maneuver Gear, and it’s kind of difficult to explain through words alone exactly how we did it. (Because honestly, we didn’t understand ourselves how we were going to do that… and didn’t realize until AFTER we finished making the Gear that the most important and complicated part of the cosplay is, in fact, HOW we mount it…). So a really good idea would be to figure out the mounting part first, BEFORE making the actual Gear itself… because believe me… it will save a lot of time and headaches, haha! ^^;;

So here’s a back-shot of what TAN was wearing underneath his jacket. We tried replicating the body-halter that the SnK characters wear, but altered it a little so that it works in our favor and actually helps to hold up the Maneuver Gear. One little trick we learned is that the “CRISS-CROSS” method of belts/straps/etc. can really help you with this entire cosplay!

For those making your own Maneuver Gears, we hope this helps in some way or can help give you ideas on how to approach your own props! Good Luck!!

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「進撃の巨人」 Attack on Titan

Bertholt Fubar: TAN

Photography: www.facebook.com/kurozone

(Source: kurozone)